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Why Is Dance Beneficial More Than EVER Right Now?

Dance is Movement. Movement is Exercise.

Children have energy and lots of it! As an adult in a child's life, you know how important it is for your child to be active and moving, but with so many restrictions put onto our lives more than ever, it can be difficult to find extra time to devote to exercise. Add in colder weather, less opportunity to be outdoors and sitting in front of a computer for school, and children are going to have less opportunity to move. A dance class-virtually or in-person, gives children the opportunity to be active.

Socail Interaction.

Everyone has been limited in interactions with others and it can take an emotional toll. While we want to be safe, there are ways for children to have interactions with other adults and children through dance. A dance class is a community where children have the opportunity to talk to their teachers and friends. This can be done virtually as well! In Mini Movers Studio virtual classes, students are welcomed to speak and instructors make sure to interact with students, say their names and allow time for engagement. While the interaction may feel different at first, whether it is in-person or virtual-having that time to engage with others gives children a sense of community.

Creative Outlet.

Children are expressive and have wonderful imaginations. Dance gives children the opportunity to express themselves physically and allows them to explore their emotions in a creative manner. Again, this can be done in an in-person or virtual class, or even just turning on some music and encouraging your child to move freely to the music. People of all ages have emotions to express and sometimes putting those emotions into words can be tricky especially with so many changes happening. While your child may not know the full extent to what is happening around them, they sense the differences and may be struggling with the changes. Dance allows for a safe space that puts them in charge of their bodies and what they can do with them to express whatever they may be feeling.

Assisting in Development.

Development and movement go hand in hand. We learn by doing, moving, seeing and imitating those around us. With so many limitations on our interactions, children have less opportunity to do, move, see ,imitate and ultimately learn in the most natural way possible. Within dance, children develop language skills by hearing and learning new terminology. They develop body awareness through movement in their space. They work on their listening skills by hearing music, the instructors directions etc. Their development of balance, coordination, core strength, and posture are all enhanced through dance exercises and movement skills. Dance assists in the development of the whole child.

Remember: Dance is a beautiful tool for all ages-not just kids!-to work through challenging times. Dance with your children, encourage them, and yourself, to express emotion through movement and you will see that dance is not just beneficial for physical self, but for overall well being!

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