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It's World Ballet Day!

What a perfect day to plie and jete!

Now in it's eighth year, World Ballet Day celebrates the beauty of Ballet where professional companies from all around the globe give an inside look into their work, and rehearsals giving those interested in Ballet (and aspiring Ballerinas!) a glimpse into the Ballet world.

To watch company rehearsals and more, click the link to be directed to the World Ballet Day website. If you missed a livestream, no worries! Most companies allow you to rewatch footage. WORLD BALLET DAY LINK

To celebrate World Ballet Day, Mini Movers Studio created a fun playlist with music from popular Ballets and Ballet variations of popular songs, along with two coloring pages.

To listen to the playlist, click here.

Link will open to Spotify

Click below to view and print two Mini Movers Studio Ballet coloring pages.

Ballet All Day
Download PDF • 157KB

Happy Dancing!

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