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Happy Halloween...BOO!

It's Halloween week! Time for dressing up, trick or treating, sugar highs (and crashes!) and here at Mini Movers Studio, Halloween dancing.

To share in the fun, we wanted to share some events, ideas and treats guaranteed to make this Halloween spooktacular!

Mini Movers Studio Halloween Dance Party Event

Looking for something for your ghost or goblin to do this Halloween weekend? Mini Movers Studio is offering Halloween Dance Party Events in Swampscott and Charlestown. What could be better than dressing up and doing a Halloween dance class, craft, activities and games?

For more information and to register click here

Mini Movers Studio "Calling All the Monsters" Dance Combo

Kids have too much trick or treat candy? Have them dance through the sugar high and learn a short Halloween dance combo taught by Mini Movers Studio director, Miss Jackie.

To access the video, click here

Coloring Pages

Download our coloring pages for an easy and quiet activity to keep your minis occupied as you decorate for the Halloween Party (or just need a break from the Halloween madness!)

Click to download

Mini Movers Studio Halloween Coloring Pages 2021
Download PDF • 971KB

Halloween Dance Party Playlist

Have your own impromptu dance party at home with Mini Movers Studio's Halloween Dance Party playlist

To access the playlist click here

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is always fun and we created a special Halloween Scavenger Hunt that you can do at home and included cut outs if you don't actually have the items at home.

Click to download

Halloween Scavenger Hunt w_ Cutouts
Download PDF • 498KB


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Use Mini Movers Studio's Halloween Dance Party playlist to host your own spontaneous dance party at home. geometry dash

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