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Free Read Aloud Dance Books

Here at Mini Movers Studio we love to dance and read (we offer a Story Movement dance class!) and want to encourage that in children too!

To assist in reading development, we complied a list of some wonderful, free read aloud dance-based books for your child to listen too! Enjoy : )


"Brave Ballerina: The Story of Janet Collins"

"Dancing in the Wings"

"I Want to Be A Ballerina"

Hip Hop

"Hip Hop Lollipop"

"I got the Rhythm"

Dance Classics

"Swan Lake"

"The 12 Dancing Princesses"

"Angelina Ballerina"


"PAR-TAY! Dance of the Veggies and their Friends"

"Kitchen Disco"


"Color Dance"


"Elephants Cannot Dance!"

"Giraffes Can't Dance!"

"Dancing Feet"

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