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Royal Dance Fun

We made it through the first week of 2021!-and with the week it's been, that really is an accomplishment. Take a break for yourself and let your princesses and princes at home be entertained with some regal fun.

Make-your-own crown printout

There are two designs ,Heart and Plain to choose from. Choose one or choose both! Each crown style comes with print out strips to create a customizable fit.

Heart Crown
Download PDF • 36KB
Plain Crown
Download PDF • 4KB


We curated a "Royalty" playlist that includes 45 minutes of music-perfect for a dance party or to choreograph some dances to! To access Mini Movers Studio Royalty playlist click here.

Coloring Page

Coloring Pages for both dancing Princes and Princesses!

Dancing Prince
Download PDF • 72KB
Dancing Princess
Download PDF • 74KB

Happy dancing and creating!

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